Replicas Of Traditional Style Furnishings: Living in a Castle

Households that have traditional facades usually have an interior that matches the architectural style. Classic style furniture is available at specialty stores and manufacturers that produce reproductions of pieces from several different eras. For example, the Victoria age has been a very popular time period for revolutionary English furniture styles. Similarly, the French Rococo is another appealing furniture and interior design style of Europe.

Traditional furniture pieces are usually hand crafted and made of authentic wood. An aged texture is the desired appearance in any pieces that are supposed to replicate an old world appearance. For example, natural imperfections in the wood is actually desirable. Traditional furniture also has authentic hardware such as iron and brass nails and other fasteners. Aged leather with a faded texture is also a common feature of classic style furniture pieces. Reclaimed lumber is the first choice of material for rustic furniture that is inspired by old world designs.

For the living room, benches and coffee tables are some popular furnishings that are available in classic style replications. Traditional bedroom furniture includes beds, nightstands, dressers and cabinets. The drawers in some of these pieces have ring like handles that are influenced by designs from centuries ago.

Button tufted seats and backrests are some classic features in chairs, sofas and even headboards of traditional furniture pieces that are upholstered. Curved patterns are also signature features in chairs and tables. For example, cabriole legs define classic styles that have been used in furniture making for several centuries.

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