O!Snap, An Indiegogo Campaign

A while ago, I reviewed the O!Snap headphone clip. I absolutely love it! It really is a lifesaver for anyone who wears headphones. I cannot count the times this genius product has kept my clumsy self from breaking my neck. (I just learned about another way it is handy- clip it around your coiled headphones and stick it to your fridge, locker, desk, or anything else metal!)

FUN FACT: Placing O!Snap on the same side as your microphone (if equipped) will keep the microphone angled directly in front of your mouth, allowing crystal clear voice calls no matter what you’re doing.
Well, the guys from O!Snap emailed me last week about a really cool thing they have going on. O!Snap has started an Indiegogo campaign to help them revamp their manufacturing. 

This company is going places, and even has their first branding opportunity with a non-profit. Through O!Snap, Oregon Active (ORA) is offering limited time red clips. ORA provides adventure therapy for individuals with disabilities and life challenging conditions. 

The great thing about this Indiegogo campaign is that when you support their goal, you get a O!Snap with the packages $4 and up. (You can support with as little as $2). If you are a retailer, there are special packages just for you!

So, follow my lead and go help out this fantastic company that is pioneering the way we listen and helping to make a difference! 

*I was not reimbursed for this article, I just wanted to help these guys out!*

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