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We live in trying times and everyone can benefit from a little preparation. No matter what your thought group is on the state of the world, everyone can agree that it never hurts to have a plan. 

Preparing for survival is not only for doomsday scenarios, but for many other purposes. 

Some reasons to prepare for a survival preparedness are: 
  • Natural Disaster
  • Lost in The Woods
  • Camping Gone Wrong
  • Crash of the Economy
  • To Prove You Can Do It. 
There are many reasons to have some survival items on hand. My family has recently started preparing for an emergency. We have started stashing canned goods and other non-perishables. We have also been making sure our camping gear is in order and that we have plenty of emergency items like flashlights that do not require outside power sources like batteries, gas, and electricity. 

There are larger changes we have been discussing, like adding some solar panels to our home and purchasing a generator. These are things we have not made a decision on, but that are in our minds. 

Some other preparations we have been making involve "training." We have been practicing making fires, tracking, and hunting. Purifying water is another item on our list. 

With my family being cryptid investigators, we know that we have to be prepared for emergency situations that may arise during an expedition. We never know when a storm may hit at the last minute or if one of us may get lost. 

Survive Monthly is a subscription service that will help you prepare for an emergency situation. Each month, you will receive 7-10 items per box. These items will be well worth the $39.99 price tag of the box. Items you may receive include long-term food kits, non-battery flashlight radios, and even solar blankets. The items are sure to be valuable to helping you prepare for any emergency situation. 

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