Life In The Spotlight: Everyone Needs Great Costumes

Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for my review. I was not asked to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

I'm written some about life growing up with my mom, but I'm sure there is something I missed. We always had a costume closet and a trunk full of accessories, makeup, and everything you could imaging to go with them. Everything from the actual costume, to pieces, old dresses, old suits, jewelry, basic stage makeup, props, and even shoes.

Every year when Halloween got close, we would rummage our supplies to come up with a new costume and see what needed to be picked up. Then, after Halloween, mom would hit the clearance racks and get everything we might need. Several years ago she got rid of the costumes because we are all grown. I kicked myself for not getting her collection. I have since started my own collection, even hitting the clearance racks after the holiday is said and done. I actually have 2 groupings of supplies. One set is accessories and makeup that is simpler (it is actually in a Halloween hat box from Lang). This is what I raid now for simple costumes, but also for when I need to be on stage (feathered false eyelashes, corsets, and even glitter hairspray). The other set is actually stored with our Halloween decor. This is actual costumes, my huge veiled witch hat, and even dark fairy wings. Thanks to Costume Super Center, I have an added addition to each set. I am also happy that I get some Old West Garb added to the collection.

I am in love with this costume. Looks like my husband and I will be one of those couples costume people this year for Halloween. My favorite thing about this costume is that it actually feels like clothes. It is very comfortable- perfect for a night of festivities.

The corset is separate so that it will look great on everyone. Just so you know, this corset will go in the Lang box that I pillage for events. I see me wearing it the very next time I MC an event. I'm sure it will be used in the future when Paralina does a period themed event and ghost tour.

Yes, it was time for a bathroom shot! Imagine this beauty with hair and makeup all glammed up and some gorgeous heels!

You really should check these guys out for all your costuming and stage needs. I'm sure they have what you are looking for and you will be impressed with the quality and price! Be sure to check out the accessories while you are there, especially the shoes!

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