Keeping Your Car in Tip Top Shape: Summer #OrganizeMe

I wanted to reshare this post because maintenance for winter is just as important as keeping your car in tip top shape for summer traveling. Keeping your car's maintenance up to date can make the difference in being stuck in cold temperatures and getting home to your warm bed.

As I mentioned before, I am starting a series here on The Palmetto Queen on getting organized and staying organized throughout all the chaos of summer. Let's start by making sure our cars are taken care of. We do not want to be stuck on the side of the road this summer!

If you travel on a frequent basis, you know how important it is to keep your car in good running condition. Losing your car for even a single morning for repairs or other maintenance can be frustrating and inconvenient. Failing to take care of your car could result in losing your car for multiple days for major repairs that could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

Maintenance can be anything from checking the headlights, oil changes, to even rotating your tires. While preforming this maintenance, upgrade some of your car's features, like seat covers, a rear view camera, and even 100W white car headlight bulbs.

South Carolina Residents Should Read Their Owner's Manuals

Taking a few minutes to read the owner's manual after purchasing a car can tell you how to maintain your vehicle to keep it running smoothly for years to come. Knowing when to change the oil, when to flush transmission fluids and knowing how much air to put in the car's tires can reduce the wear and tear the car experiences. In most cases, cars need their oil changed every 5,000 miles and should have transmission fluids flushed every 30,000 miles.

Use the Right Motor Oil

Changing the oil is not enough to ensure that your engine and its parts will work as they should. If you or your mechanic put a low-quality oil in the engine, it could corrode metal parts or turn into a sticky goo that grinds the engine to a halt. If a vehicle is still under warranty, it's strongly recommended that you take your car to the dealership to get the oil changed. Failure to do so could cause the warranty on the vehicle to be voided.

Why Rotate the Tires?

Why does it matter that you rotate the tires on your car? It matters because the tires may experience uneven wear if they are kept in the same spot for several months or years at a time. Typically, there is more weight on the front of the car as opposed to the back. Therefore, the front tires could wear out faster than the back tires if they are not rotated every 3,000 miles or at whatever interval your mechanic recommends.

Is an Auto Care Plan Right for You?

Purchasing auto care in Columbia, South Carolina could make it easier to get you and your car to safety in an emergency situation. If your car doesn't start, you have a flat tire or suffer any other type of emergency, you could be eligible to receive a free tow to a repair shop or have a spare tire put on your car.

When you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. Getting regular oil changes, taking care of your tires and getting an annual inspection can alert you to minor problems with your vehicle before they turn into expensive repairs. If you have to get to work or school on a daily basis, taking care of your car enables you to get there without any hassle or drama.

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