Father's Day Gift: Engraved Parker River Knife

Disclaimer: I received a sample in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 

As I mentioned before, my husband is very hard to shop for. He is even harder to surprise. So, when Parker River Knife asked me to review their engraved gift knives, I was ecstatic. When the knife arrived, I was quite impressed. 

We received the Parker River "Classic" in redwood. Because my husband tends to lay them down while he is working, I had his initials engraved. That way, there was no mistaking that it was his. 

This photo does not do the knife justice. It is the most beautiful knife I have ever seen and my husband loves it. He loves the way it cuts and the way it feels in his hand while using it. I know that this knife will be used for the rest of his life and passed own to our son and his son. I can not think of a better gift for a father to receive. 

It can be engraved with anything your heart desires (as long as it will fit) and there are 5 fonts to choose from. The website has a lot of ideas of what can be engraved, if you just cannot make up your mind. 

My favorite thing besides the look on his face was the packaging of the knife itself. The knife comes in a beautiful burlap gift bag. On the box is a penny and the reason for it. 

"Why is there a penny taped to the knife?"

We often get this question.

In many cultures around the world the act of giving a knife as a gift is sometimes utilized to symbol the ending of a friendship or relationship. But knives are useful and beautiful tools that make great gifts. A tradition that goes along with knife giving in these areas is to include a small coin, usually a penny with any gift knife. When the receiver of the gift opens the present, they immediately give the penny back to the giver of the gift. This way they have symbolically purchased the knife, which prevents both the blade from going dull and the friendship from being severed.

We tape a penny to every box as a token of good luck to you the new owner of a knife, or for whoever is going to receive the knife as a gift.

Parker River knives are a treasured gift item. Our high quality products will be cherished for many years. If you are looking for a special something to mark an event or milestone in someones life, there is no better gift to give then a Parker River knife.

The above is from their website and actually answered a question for me. I have always been told to pay for a knife, even if it was given to you as a gift. When my grandmother gave me her beautiful mother-of-pearl inlay knife, mom gave me a penny to give to her. She told me it would never get dull. I didn't understand, but now I do. Thanks Parker River Knife.

Thanks to Parker River Knife, my husband beams with pride when he shows off his beautiful new knife. Even at work, everyone asks him where it came from and he answers with pride.

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