Mom Approved: Blowout Blocker

Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for a review. I was not asked to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Because I am a work at home and homeschooling mom, I have to be productive when running errands. Part of being productive is minimizing mishaps. I make sure both kids have plenty of toys and that my oldest has some educational activities, and that my little Miss America has clothing on that makes diaper changes easier. We also make sure to have plenty of easy to eat snacks that cause minimal messes.

One problem that i have not had a solution to until now is the problem of blowouts. When the littlest has a dirty problem, it is so easy to get out of control when in the carseat. It takes almost no time for a simple dirty diaper to turn into chaos.

That's where the Blowout Blocker by Melzy Baby comes in.

With my son, I had to deal with blowouts and even had to keep an entire extra outfit in the diaper bag and cross my fingers that no one else had him when a blowout happened. 

With the littlest, I thought I would just have to deal with it, but I was wrong. The Blowout blocker has saved us on several occasions, including a three hour drive to see my brother get married. 

On our last errand day, the little Miss America was happy, even though it had been a long day in the car and her clothes were dry.!

I will never leave the house without the Blowout Blocker on our princess again. I'll even put it on her for her grandparents and while playing outside.

Thanks MelzyBaby for your amazing invention!

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