Bars, Bands, and Bikes: Looking Back to My Early 20s

I have been reminiscing a lot lately about my early 20s. I'm sure it is because I'll be 30 in just a few months. Although I love my life and wouldn't change anything, I sure did have some fun back then. I did some freelance work in promotions. It was pretty natural because the resort I worked at booked a lot of bands and had events. I could work on projects for them and it was helping to grow my business. While I did mostly work with bands and bars, I worked with other types of businesses as well.

I was able to travel to Daytona Beach, FL for "Bike Week" in March of 2006. I went with my dad and a family friend. I helped them out with their side businesses (body jewelry for dad and traditional Native American items for our friend), but while I was there, I worked on my business as well. I worked with a bar to promote a pretty big country band (Confederate Railroad) and helped out with a photo shoot for a custom chopper shop (Porky's Choppers).

I was going to rebuild this for myself!

That's what I was reminiscing about. What started it? Sitting outside, a gorgeous Harley Davidson went down the road and I was reminded of my love of motorcycles, especially Harleys (Yes, our Jack Russell is named Harley for a reason, he even has saddle bags).

My dad was a biker, so I've always loved them, but my true slight obsession began when I was in Daytona Beach. I saw so many gorgeous one and for the first time as an adult was truly immersed in the biker culture, which is like no other. That's why when we (Carolina Cryptid Crew) were invited to the benefit at the motorcycle club, I knew we had to do it.

Something about the story, shine, and sound of the Harley-Davidson just kicks me in to high gear. I start thinking back and day dreaming of getting on the road and letting the wind through my hair.

What brings out the day dreams in you?

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