A Billion Entrepreneurs - Let's Get On TV

I wrote before about the project A Billion Entrepreneurs and the importance of the project. I let you know how strongly I feel about this project and I wanted to share the latest news with you.


Jimmy, the founder of A Billion Entrepreneurs, has started a 14 day crusade to land himself on late night TV. This may not make sense to some, but as an entrepreneur myself, I get it. Talk shows are a huge opportunity for a business. Make that a late night talk show, and you have shot to the moon. I can only imagine sitting there with Craig Furguson or Jay Leno (those were the days) and chatting about my latest projects.

That would most likely be my career high. If I were trying to raise money to complete my project, it would be even better. There is no other platform that will get you the ears and eyes of late night television. I want to do my part to spread the word about this amazing project, so I want to share this crusade with you. Help Jimmy get on Late Night TV.

Here is the introduction of the 14 day campaign.

Watch all of A Billion Entrepreneur's videos on their YouTube channel.

Good Luck Jimmy!

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