Wear Some Meaning With Eternal Girl

Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for a review. I was not asked to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Julia from Eternal Girl is an amazing artist. I am just blown away by her designs, so when she contacted me about doing a review, I was ecstatic. I had a hard time choosing a piece, but ultimately settled on the 2 fish design.

Julia hand draws each design to order. Each piece is different because of this. It really is like wearing a one of a kind piece of art around your neck.

From Julia: 
My jewelry is made of my own hand-drawn designs. Each drawing features an object that has specific symbolism to henna tradition. I make black or colored designs, and can do custom orders.

*Note: My camera could not do these pieces justice (stupid flash) so I am using Julia's photos so that you can really see the beauty of her jewelry*

This hand-drawn, pendant necklace displays a henna inspired, fish. In henna tradition, fish represent a woman's eyes. The design indicates fish overseeing and protecting each other.

The image is secured in an antique styled, bronze pendant with a round glass covering. The necklace is made with a bronze metal chain. The last photo shows the length options, respectively. 

I chose the two fish design because it the meaning is just amazing. I fell in love with it and several people that I love dearly are Pisces,  and the description fits them perfectly. The photo is exactly what you get, handmade box and all.

I think what I love most about Julia's designs is the combination of henna and the antique looking hardware. I collect antique jewelry, but I do not wear it often because it doesn't have the right look for me. The way Julia combines the two gives me just the right amount of edge. As I've mentioned before, I dress in a lot of black and subdued clothing, and accessorize to get my look. Julia makes this easy. her jewelry is also a conversation piece. It gets attention and asks questions.

One of the greatest things about this necklace is that it allowed me to open minds. People see the necklace and get curious. That gives me a chance to explain about the meaning and henna tradition. It opens minds up to the world of henna and that there is more to it than tattoos you get on the boardwalk. I love anything that has meaning behind it.

Thank you Julia for giving me a chance to review your jewelry and to spread the word! I love your blog too- you have a new follower!

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