Show Your Wild Side When You Want To

A few weeks ago, I wrote about MyLuxury1st and how much Denyce helped me express my wild side without making a permanent(ish) change.

Today, I wanted to share with you some other ways Denyce can help you out with your urge for something different.

As you all know, I plan and emcee events as well as host a paranormal radio show that has a rock twist. Along with the responsibilities that come with this, I have a certain image to uphold when doing these public shows and events. I must have that rock star aura about me. However, I do not always want a funky look (especially when meeting clients). So, I have to make more temporary changes. In addition to amping up my makeup, wearing all of my body jewelry, and wearing more fun clothing, I like to add a wildness- like with my hair. These hair extensions are perfect for that.

As I gear up for more shows, I have been looking into ways to change it up a bit and have found some inspiration for how you all and I can wear hair extensions.

Follow Cari George (The Palmetto Queen, CariOnDesigning, Owl Creek Academy, NighLon, and Paralina Radio)'s board fun hair on Pinterest.

I will definitely be trying some of these out! 

These aren't just for events, they are for every day use as well (I slept in mine one night and they did fine). Don't you ever just feel like you need out of the "same ol' same ol'" well, you need some hair extensions!

I am going to start doing more vlogging, so I want to ask all of my readers a couple of questions. Would you like to see a video tutorial on how to put in these hair extensions? What other vlogs would you like to see from me?

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