The Best Gift Any Independent Business Women Can Receive

Many business women will have experienced the following scenario within their careers, specifically; entrepreneurial ladies who might have their own mobile stylist business, pet grooming service or cosmetics delivery and then wish they could accept card payments to provide convenience and another source of income rather than just cash every time.
Merchant services is the name given to a broad category of financial services that are meant for use by businesses. It enables a business to accept a transaction payment through service channel by using credit and debit cards, gift cards, loyalty program and electronic benefit transfers like phone top-ups. These services are a great solution for women’s businesses that process bulk transactions. Merchant services even allow you to accept multiple forms of payments, including face-to-face with a mobile PDQ machine(picture below), online orders and phone/mail orders. You can also enjoy accepting credit card payments as these services Accept Card Payments literally anywhere if you have a iPhone or Wi-Fi connection.

Get Yourself Equipped To Compete With Your Male Competitor’s!
PDQ Machines are used in processing the financial transactions of an individual’s credit card or debit card. The transaction gets done quickly while ensuring at the same time that the payment is secure by automatically checking the customer details and the status of their account. There are three widely used applications which are mobile, portable and countertop. For those women conduct business on the road whilst dodgy a busy schedule to pick the kids up from school, you can get complete flexibility with a mobile terminal which acts in the same way as a cell phone. The PDQ machines also accept cards and provide best services to the customers. Not only that, these are very secure, completely risk free and hassle free too.
Flexible And Easy Mode To Accept Card Payments
In this post I wanted to educate women that a special kind of bank account is required for one of these mobile devices, a merchant account is a bank account that allows businesses to accept payments by debit and credit card. To have this account a positive credit rating is a must. This account can be opened by completing an online application and then submitting it successfully. Merchant account helps you in accepting credit card at your business.

As more and more customers are now choosing to make their purchases on the internet or by phones, fax and mail orders, women need to stay ahead of the curve and understand the options which work best for businesses. Hence a merchant account helps you to grow your business. With such an account you can enjoy the flexibility of accepting payments anywhere and anytime, even if you have your hands full! 

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