Confession: I Have a Wild Side

Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for a review. I was not asked to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Confession: I have a wild side... with my hair at least. These days I tend to dress more conservatively (and kind of plain) I like to spruce things up with jewelry, huge bags, and crazy shoes. I wear black a lot, so I thought it would be fun to have a hot pink strip in my hark hair. I had no idea how this would look. Luckily Denyce at MyLuxury1st shot me an email because she had a product she wanted me to try!!!

It looks like real hair! Why, because it is real hair! I got to try out the Remy hair in BPINK. My hair is really thick, yet it blended in just right since I just wanted a streak. If you have thin hair, it will work for you too because the hair itself is not as thick as mine. (Mine is a lot of hair and very thick hairs). I received 2 of these strips. In the future, I might try out two, but I like the look of one. 

The extension was easier than I thought it would be to attach- without the use of glues- and it stayed in perfectly. I even slept in it. The combs attached to the hair extension ensure a great hold!

The extensions are 19 inches long which is perfect for my hair, but if yours is short, you can cut them. The best thing is that you can treat them just like the hair that grows on your head. You can wash them, dye them, curl them, straighten them, anything. Just be sure to remember that like your hair, you must treat them well. Heat protect them, condition them, and treat them with care. 

What I love the most about MyLuxury1st was working with Denyce. She is the owner of this new business and she works hard. She cares about her customers and is passionate about what she does. She took the time to explain hair extensions to me and help me find what product would be best for me. She has even emailed me to make sure I didn't have any questions. Denyce thank you for being such a pleasure to work with. You will have my business in the future and I will send everyone your way!!! 


  1. This color looks so good on you and seems to blend with your hair texture too!

  2. I know I love it- thank you! I have shopped for extensions before and they never seem to look right! I will be getting more - in different shades- perfect for events.