A New Year, A New Plan: #OrganizeMe

For me, a new year always means that it is time to refresh. This year I am taking a different approach. Instead of setting a new resolution that is going to be forgotten about in just a couple of months (weeks, or days), I am simply revisiting all areas of my life, reorganizing, and seeing what I can improve. When my big birthday (THIRTY!!!) gets here in June, then I will think about a new resolution.

I learned a valuable lesson last year- don't start a big organizing project right after Christmas or the New Year. Instead, take a little bit of time and think about what areas you want to tackle first and make a tentative order you want things completed. For instance, this year I'm starting with my personal space for a complete organizational overhaul. I thought- if I'm not organized, my family isn't going to be either.

Part of organizing my personal space includes phase one of organizing The Palmetto Queen.

I have rethought where this blog is going and what I want to accomplish. So, The Palmetto Queen is getting some changes starting with the #organizeme series. This series will stretch out over a couple of months and focus on getting mom organized. We will visit organizing yourself- not your home, not your family, not your office. JUST YOU. This includes purse, planner, projects, etc. There are some great posts planned, here is a start:

  • Complete planner organization
  • Organizing tasks
  • Planning time
  • On the go- purse/ diaper bag/ etc
  • Resolutions
  • Project planning
  • Paperwork
Each post will include a free printable, a giveaway, and a challenge- I hope you participate using #organizeme. 

After this series is over, organizing is going to remain a huge part of The Palmetto Queen. There will still be some family and mom posts, as well as some just for mom posts. I am also starting Southern Charm Sundays back up, but with a little twist - you'll see soon. 

Organizing is something I am passionate about. I organize when I'm stressed and if I'm not organized I stress. It is a huge part of who I am and I am going to start focusing more on that! 

I hope you join in on the series and complete the challenges. I'm leaving you with some links for free printables that you may find useful in your journey!

Here is a handy dandy resource that if you are anything like me you will absolutely have to have. 

Your Challenge is to decide what your organizing goals are and to either gather your planner supplies or to start thinking about what you want in a planner- remember that everyone is different so there is no wrong answer. Feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest (Remember: #organizeme)

Have FUN!!!

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