Jeni is 90 Pounds Down with Nutrisystem

Jeni was not always overweight.  In fact, she was trim and athletic in her younger years, and it wasn’t until a significant thyroid problem and a very bad illness took over her health that the pounds started to come on.  Jeni spent years trying to get pregnant with her husband to no avail.  When all seemed hopeless, she began an aggressive regimen of hormone replacement drugs, and this added a significant number of pounds to her once slim frame. 

For all women, fertility issues are a contributor to depression and anxiety, and that coupled with the added weight gain was simply too much for Jeni to bear.  She felt hopeless, and the negative thoughts and emotions seemed to intensify more with each day.  She no longer recognized herself under all those added pounds, and her sense of self was dramatically slipping away.  Family and friends could see the change as well, and everyone was deeply worried for Jeni.

The moment of change

Jeni finally reached the point where she simply couldn’t take one more day of this pain and darkness inside of her.  Something needed to be done to put her on the path to health and self esteem again, and Jeni was now completely focused on figuring out what she needed to do to turn her life around for good. 

That’s when Jeni reinvented herself and her habits.  She joined the Nutrisystem program and began to exercise regularly.  As the pounds began to come off, Jeni could feel herself coming back to life.  With each day she made progress and her outlook on life became much brighter.  Ninety pounds later, Jeni had a completely new lease on life and had rediscovered her true, confident self again.

Jenny in a commercial photoshoot for Nutrisystem after losing 92 lbs

A plan that is simple

Jeni was astonished by how easy and simple the Nutrisystem plan is. This echoes the views of other women who lose weight on Nutrisystem, as documented on the reviews at Backed by 40 years of scientific research, the plan is based upon the glycemic index.  The delicious taste and variety of the Nutrisystem meals was completely satisfying for Jeni, and she found her weight loss experience to actually be pleasurable and inspiring. 

Jeni also claims that she never felt hungry on the diet, and was even surprised by how much food she was supposed to eat.  Carbohydrates were part of every meal, to help her feel even more satisfied and stable throughout the day.  She also found the tracking tools online and community discussion board to be extremely helpful whenever she had questions or needed support. 

New confidence

With her new-found confidence, Jeni took up a passion that she had held at bay for years: acting. 

Playing a mercenary named Bev in a MERCS episode

Now the 46 year old is hitting her stride and being the women that she always dreamed of being.  Watch her play in an episode of Flour called “what is the best way to propose”. For Jeni, Nutrisystem was the catalyst for reclaiming her life and her sense of self-worth.  She feels young again, and has enough energy to get through the day with a smile on her face.  She even looks forward to waking in the morning to sit down to her delicious Nutrisystem breakfast: because every day it’s something new and tasty. 

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