Bigfoot and Organizing

Have you seen this photo floating around the Internet of me? Well, It is not a stress call and I haven't turned into Tarzan woman. This is actually me doing a Bigfoot call. We had a training hunt on December 5th, and had a couple of news channels show up to interview us- watch my interview here. Since then, the story has been picked up all the way to Michigan and has been posted on sites all over the internet. Well, this is a huge deal to us and its getting attention. We have a big hunt coming up Saturday and we will have the news channels again- so I have had a lot of preparations to tackle. So, I've been swamped.

Although it has been crazy, I still have a ton of awesome stuff for you guys. I have a few more giveaways on my facebook page. There are also tons of reviews and giveaways coming your way.

Living The Organized Life is coming back December 26th. There is going to be an organizing post every day designed to help you get yourself organized just in time for the new year. There will be a post, challenge, giveaway, and free printable each day! So, it will be worth your time. 

This year is going to be different than last and all of the projects are going to focus on things specific to you, the busy woman. These are not household organizing projects, they are personal organizing. 

This is just in time for the release of my new printable planner. You will be amazed! 

So, mark your calenders for December 26- Let's get organized.