Out of Frustration Comes Innovation

As I have blogged about many times, finding a planner that works for me has been the bane of my existence. There is always something lacking and always something that I find useless. It has been a frustrating endeavor to find the perfect fit.

Even the most popular ones leave me craving something- whether it is more structure, less structure, more room, or even more color.

I have finally decided that enough is enough. After agreeing to work with a friend to create a planner for her niche, I have decided that the time has come for me to venture out on my own.

I will be working on a planner that I hope will be the answer for busy moms every where. I have already been working on ideas, so the project is in full swing. I hope to have it available by the middle of December. I will even see if I can find a way to have it printed for you (but, no promises).

I have been pinning like mad and jotting down ideas where ever I find a post-it.

What do I need from you? To know what you like and do not like about the planners you have used. I want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. So give me the scoop on all things planner related!

You can comment here, let me know on my facebook page, or even tweet using #pqplanner or @cari_on

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  1. Hi Cari,

    Not a planner guy here but you seem to be on the right path ;)