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Disclaimer: I have recieved a membership in exchange for this review. I have not been compensated monetarily, all opinions are my own. 

I have posted a little about the recent loss of my Grandfather. I have lost a few others in my life recently as well. One thing besides the major grieving that it has done to me is made me think about the future. My husband and I have had a lot of discussions about what happens in a catastrophe and what happens if we are no longer around to raise our children. These are hard problems to solve, but one thing we have started doing is making sure all paper work is ready, safe, and backed up. We want to make sure that in the event of a disaster, we have all the documentation we need. That is where The DocSafe comes in.

The creators of this amazing tool contacted me just in time for me to put it to use. Joshua is an estate planning attorney, so he understands the importance of a tool like this. He and his wife have young children and live in Florida, after relocating from the Midwest. They understand how important having documents backed up and organized is.

Disaster isn't the only reason you would need back ups of your important documents. Maybe you are traveling and need something, don't have time to find the originals, or you want to keep your originals away from home and you need information.

I, along with other members of The DocSafe, use it for wills, resumes, copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, pet records, family recipes, and even business contracts. You can even upload copies of membership cards, insurance cards, and anything else your heart desires.

There are even categories for medical information, taxes, military benefits, retirement plans, business plans, and funeral planning. The possibilities are really endless. My next task is to upload photos and my family tree documentation.

I especially like that i can add a secondary user, such as my husband, my mother, or my mother-in-law.

I logged in and was taken step by step into setting up my account and including all of my family's information and even prompted to upload important documents at the right time. There are things I was asked to upload that I hadn't thought about backing up.

When you need something organized and secure, The DocSafe is the way to go.

Some of my favorite features are:

1. Organized (you know how important that is to me!) There is even a questionnaire for all your pertinent information and a step by step set up process that helps ensure all the information you need is available.

2. You can easily attach a document to an email and upload it to The DocSafe.

3. There are no long term contracts, and you are not charged based on the storage you require. The simple fee is $5.95/ month or $49.95/ year.

The creators are also giving back when you buy a membership to The DocSafe:

In memory of my mother-in-law, Valerie, who died of breast cancer four years ago, we are donating 10% of our gross revenues in October to Moffitt Cancer Center, located here in Tampa. Moffitt is one of the leading cancer research facilities in the country (and the hospital where my twin brother, Jon, was successfully treated with a stem cell transplant ten years ago). We need to find a cure for this ugly disease! (A note from the Creators)
Here's a thought: a membership to The DocSafe would make a great graduation, wedding, engagement, house warming, or even baby shower gift.

There is even bigger news! The DocSafe has provided The Palmetto Queen with 10 Lifetime Memberships to giveaway. Even better- if you enter, and do not win, there is something for you! Anyone who enters this contest and does not win, will receive a 60% discount on their first year!

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