Holiday Gift Guide: Shirts Make Great Gifts

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


Whoop Tee is not just a cool name! Whoop Tee is my new shirt resource. I used to make t-shirts to sell and for gifts, but I just don't have the time for that anymore, so I have decided to outsource these gifts. 

T-shirts can be great for gifts, fundraisers, family events, and to make your group look more professional. I have worked with a lot of t-shirt companies and I am completely impressed with Whoop Tee! 


Is there a group you are part of- either formal organization or a group of friends? Think about getting t-shirts made for Christmas or a special event. My paranormal team has t-shirts for wearing during events. 

Does your family have special events like Six-Flags day, family reunion, or parties- you need t-shirts. 

For all those Black Friday shoppers, you needed this shirt. 

I have a lot of funny guys in my family. Strangly, they all like math too (I knew there had to be something wrong with them to be so funny). They will receive a funny math shirt for Christmas. It will probably be one that I have no clue what it means- but they will never know that (unless they read this blog!)

Are you planning a big party, conference, or festival? Are you going to be following your favorite band around, do you want to show your favorite little karate master or dance diva support? Its time for a custom t-shirt. 

The point is, whenever I am planning something, buying a gift, or getting together with a group of my favorite people, I always think about t-shirts. You should do the same, it is a quick, cost-effective, and unique purchase. In fact, I will be ordering a lot in 2014 (as well as the 2013 holiday season). I will say "here is your new Whoop Tee" hehe

I would definitely suggest using Whoop Tee for all of your custom shirt needs. The website is easy to use and even provides templates for design assistance. There are tips from professional designers, and even a great customer service team that will assist you the whole way. Thanks Whoop Tee for being so great!

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