Special Halloween Deal: Get In The "Spirit"

I have been working to bring you a review/ giveaway from a company I have fallen in love with. Cakes Under the Influence has stolen my heart and is sure to bring lots of fun to the table for the hubby and myself.

I received an email from them with a special deal, so I am sharing with you!

Cakes Under The Influence has a very great offer that will bring some excitement to your table (think date night). Right up until Halloween, you can get 2 special cake mixes for just $1.11 (huge discount!). You can order up to 3! They are not even charging shipping and handling! This hi-proof baking mix comes in vanilla, cocoa, and champagne flavors. They are designed to work perfectly with adding your favorite cocktail. The best part- the packages are just enough for 2 large cupcakes, so there is no waste- I told you, perfect for a date night.

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