New to Multiple Kids: Organizing Problems

I am a very organized person- to the point of annoying those around me. It took me until I was about 25 to perfect my organizational system, then at 26 I got married and my son was born- that set me back and I had to figure out how to organize myself, my husband, and my son. I had finally pretty much figured out how to organize the three of us. The system wasn't perfect, but it was okay for now.

Well, now with my daughter added to the mix, I am all out of organizational sorts again. Although a newborn is its own kind of chaos, add a 3 year old to the mix and you have total anarchy! I have identified the issues, and next I will find the solution to the problems. I will share today the problems.

Keeping appointments/ due dates straight: Between keeping up with my husband's appointments, work meetings, his classes, his cryptid events and everything else he can throw at me, I've decided he needs an assistant. Then, I have my appointments, work meetings, my important CSPRI dates, my work due dates, blog due dates. Add to this all the appointments, events, and important dates for both kids, I have my hands full. That isn't even counting family events, family appointments, bills, and other important dates I have to keep up with. I used to use colored stickers (like for pricing yard sale items) but now my calendar is getting out of order. Not only is our schedule getting out of hand, but remember which appointment is for who gets really confusing. I have to completely rethink my planner strategy.

My Purse has gotten entirely too out of hand. I can't handle it any longer. It is the catch all for the whole family and I can never find anything I want in it. I tried to put my planner in it the other day- that's not going to happen. I have to reclaim and reorganize my purse.

Do I need that many bags? Any time I leave the house with the whole family, I feel like I'm going on vacation. I have my purse, diaper bag, my son's backpack, and random things my husband needs stuffed into my purse. I still always feel like I'm forgetting something after scrambling to grab last minute things so the entire day is not a whine fest. Should it really feel like getting ready for vacation just to go to the grocery store?

Other things that need attention in the organizational area of my life are chores, menu planning, down time, school, well really any and every aspect of our lives need reorganized. I will be spending time on this process and sharing my successes and failures with you. First up- finding a planner to suit my needs. Maybe I need to make my own.

What are your problems with organizing your family- what solutions have you found?

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