It Is Okay to Eat Candy

Now that the little princess is 7 weeks old (crazy) I finally have time to think about dieting again. I didn't gain weight when I was pregnant- one more reason I didn't know I was pregnant. However, I have always been a heavier lady. I've battled with diets and was doing really good at the beginning of the year until I started getting sick a lot. I know that Halloween is not the best time to start dieting, but I have a plan!

As I said before, I love Halloween. I mean, I really love Halloween!

That means candy and cookies too. Every year, I say I won't eat any. Every year, I turn that into a lie and eat entirely too much.

Today I'm sharing a thought. It's okay to eat candy (and cookies).

Yes, I did just say that. What happens when we say we won't eat any? We end up breaking the rule and going overboard.

When we do things like this, all we end up doing is disappointing ourselves and causing a backslide that is worse. I always completely go off my diet after Halloween. It just sets the wrong tone for the holidays. If I could just get through Halloween without feeling discouraged, the rest of the holidays would fall in to place (or at least be better).

So, instead tell yourself that you won't eat as much. Or just say that you will enjoy the holiday and make up for it afterwords.

Either way, it is going to be okay. So, this year, work on not making promises to yourself that you know you will not keep ;) Enjoy Halloween!!!

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