Produce: Local Matters!

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this post nor have I been compensated in anyway. I found this site and feel in love- so I want to share it. I'm so nice! (giggle)

I will admit that sometimes I am suckered into grocery store produce. There are a few reasons for this. Sometimes what I want is not grown locally. Sometimes I simply don't have the time to go to the market, and sometimes I'm just too lazy. 

However, if I plan things right, I can make it to the market (our good ones are only open certain days). I have always loved going to the fruit stands and markets. I love talking to the farmers and knowing what I am eating. I love knowing that I am feeding my family safe produce- because the growers feed the same to their families. 

Local Harvest is a one stop resource for all things farmers markets. Find them, find events, and learn about the importance of buying local! What an amazing site- I just love it! 

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