O!Snap- A Convenience for Headphone Wearers Everywhere!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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If you did, I'm sure you are wanting to know how the O!Snap Headphone Clip worked. Let me start by saying this is an amazingly genius product- my husband and I are having a custody battle over it! We do very different activities, but the clip worked fantastically for both of us.

Since I work at home and tend to need my hands free, the O!Snap clip has saved me a few times. I can use my headset (see this video), type, write in my planner, shuffle through notes, and even juggle toys without getting tangled in my cords. It has really come in handy when speaking with clients and recording my podcast. I was also able to quietly do yoga without breaking my neck with cords. I'm in love!

My husband loves it as well. (I might just have to be nice and get him one too!- or buy me a pink one!) He does construction and loves to listen to music while he is at work. He says it makes the day go by faster. He can use all the tools he wants and climb ladders without having to worry about the headphones- which is nice since he is as clumsy as I am!

My husband and I have even been shopping around for headphones for our little one (he loves music) and have already decided that he will have one because he gets his lack of balance from us and he's a very active soon to be 3 year old.

All in all, if you use headphones, you will benefit from the O!Snap clip!

For some fun, check out this video- O!Snap at its best!


This product not only keeps the headphones from tangled around you while you are busy, but it looks cool too. Here is another genius feature (see this video) that is better shown than told!

The O!Snap Clip has also been featured in CNet and Trail Runner Magazine.


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