Keeping Home Sane While Adjusting: Back to School With The Palmetto Queen

Besides the hassle of getting out the door and staying organized, there are other adjustments that must be made with a change in routine such as starting a new school year. One of those is how to handle the house. Our homes continue to grow clutter, get dirty, and get all out of sorts when we are running. Unfortunately, they have no sympathy.

This is something in particular that I have noticed with trying to get into the habit of starting school. Because I am homeschooling, I'm trying to use "school time" to plan- so that I will be in the habit of using that time. I have noticed that I get behind on my chores and struggle to catch up.

Mine is a little young to help with regular chores, but I have found ways he can help keep the house sane. Since my husband injured his foot about a month and a half ago, Mac has started helping me help daddy. He will go ask daddy if he needs anything and carry things over to him. He also is really good about taking things to his room, even if he doesn't quite get the hang of putting things away yet. We're working on that though.

My advice on keeping home sane is to make a list of things that have to be done every day, every week, every month, seasonally, and just every once in a while. Then schedule those things along with everything else. You don't have to schedule a time, just a day. Actually put it in your planner. I hate it when I do not finish something in my planner, so that keeps me more accountable.

If you have older kids, consider chores and a simple chore chart. Like I said, we are working on teaching Mac to put his own toys away- he loves to "help clean," so maybe it won't be too hard.

You can also consider a program like the Fly Lady. I'll be trying her out soon!

FlyLady cartoon

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