10 Tips For Preparing for a New School Year: Back to School With The Palmetto Queen

While I do not have a child in the public school system and he is only 2, I have some great tips for preparing for the return for school. I think these tips will help with returning to a formal school setting, home school, changing jobs, and even other major life changes.

1. Set Goals Together- sit down with each other and discuss everyone's goals and expectations. Set goals and stick to them. Also, be sure to let your children know your expectations for them this year.

2. Create a plan for success- whether this is finding a tutor, spending certain times studying, utilizing new/ proven tools for study, or just knowing that this year you will help your child find what works. Having a plan will help insure that your child has a successful year.

3. Get organized- this includes a calendar system, routine (bed time, rise time, dinner time, times set aside for school work, etc), supplies being organized, and coordinating with all family members.

4. Get into a routine before the school year actually begins. About a week before school starts, be sure to get into the habit of going to be/ getting up on time. Try to work in some "school" things too, such as using that homework time to get organized and read.

5. Create a family command center- this will help everyone stay organized and help keep schedules coordinated.

6. Make lists- this includes what to accomplish before the school year starts, what to remember the first day, any official tasks (school district paperwork, permission slips, requests from teachers), and even shopping lists. Lists always make life smoother.

7. Have a home plan in place- figure out what needs to be done to keep home in order and create a routine/ schedule for doing these things- your home will be happier.

8. Create a morning routine, as well as a night routine (later in the week)

9. Talk about it- remember that your child is just as anxious (if not more anxious) than you are. They have fears and expectations too. Remind them of the fun school brings, of how bright they are, and of all the other great things school involves. While you are talking, be sure to address fears and anxieties. They could be fearing something that you can wipe away with a few simple words.

10. Make it fun and celebrate the milestone of another school year. This doesn't have to be anything big like a party (like my mom always did), just something that is fun that your children will remember. It can be as simple as a first day photo, icecream for breakfast, or something like a party, or special dinner. (More ideas later)

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