10 End of Day Habits to Make Mornings go More Smoothly: Back to School With The Palmetto Queen

One of the most important routines we can set is our evening routine. I know a lot of people say the morning is more important. However, I have found that if I have a good evening routine in place, my mornings go more smoothly because I am more prepared. Then my whole day goes much smoother.

I will share some tips on evening routines that will make the school year, work change, and even travel easier. (Thanks mom for setting the tone for me and routines- some of these are yours!)

Here are some things to do in the evening to make mornings a little easier.

1. Make sure all backpacks/ purses/ briefcases have been emptied and repacked. (Helps cut down on clutter and ensures a fresh start in the morning)

2. While cleaning out the bags, mark any important dates in your calendar.

3. Make sure any permission slips, notes, library books, and anything else that needs to be turned in is gathered.

4. Even if you don't have much time, spend 15 minutes picking up around the house. You will be amazed at how much can get done when everyone pitches in. This will help make sure things are put away so they are easy to find and that the house doesn't get out of control.

5. What are you having for breakfast? Set out non-refrigerated items, bowls, spoons, fruit. Handy for morning.

6. Consider lunches for the next day and prepare what you can ahead of time.

7. Is there anything special that needs to go with someone the next day? Stick a note on the door!

8.Look at your planner to see what is going on the next day- this will tell you if you need to prepare anything for the next day.

9. Confirm schedules with whole family and double check family calendar to make sure every thing is correct.

10. Relax and go to bed. Make sure you find something to do every night that will relax you- this will make you sleep better and slow your mind down. It doesn't matter if it is reading a book, playing a game, or watching tv- we all must have something.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips and this whole series. Remember that the key is finding what works for you. I am a planner, very organized, and cannot live without my planner, to do lists, and entirely too much coffee. Not everyone works this way. I urge you to set a goal of finding what works for you and your family!

Have a great school year! My journey starts August 26th!

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