What it Means to Have a Little Boy

For those of you that know me or that have been reading The Palmetto Queen long, you know that I am a girly girl. I would love to have a little girl to play dress up with and buy pink things for. However, I was blessed with my first born being a boy (although I still pray for a little girl one day).

Before Mac was born, everyone told me how different it is having a little boy. That a heart can never imagine the sweetness that is embodied within a son. I thought "yeah right" mud, tractors, 4wheelers, and lizards- that's not what sweetness is made of.

Then my little guy was born, and I have never known the love that I know because of him. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, my parents, my in-laws, my brothers, and the rest of my family and friends. However, nothing can even come close to the love I feel for my son. Even that is nothing compared to the love he gives back to me.

Nothing will ever compare to the smile he gives me every morning or those beautiful blue eyes. Nothing will ever be as sweet as his "hugsies, kissies, and nosies" every night. Learning, playing, and praying are the things we do best together and I hope with all of my heart that those are the things he continues to love. My little prince, although he will soon be 3, will forever be that little baby that I was so scared of the first time I held him. Every day I hold the world in my arms and no one can ever take that feeling and no one will ever make me feel the same.

My gorgeous little boy is the happiest child I have ever known- he is so smart, funny, sweet, and caring. There really is nothing that compares to being the mommy of a little boy!

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