Getting Organized for Back to School: Coming Soon

Although I am not sending my little mac off to school, we still have "back to school" on the brain around my house. This is the August that we are "officially" starting homeschool- with a system, records, and everything. I want to make sure I'm on track before the state requires it.

Besides starting school, we are having some other changes in life right now, including the birth of a new business (more on that later). Any major life change can be looked at similar to "back to school." This includes a new job, a move, a new baby, and any other thing that changes the way we think day to day.

The Palmetto Queen is proud to be starting a series on back to school organization. This series will be full of things useful to anyone who is experiencing life changes, or just looking for new ideas. The series officially launches next week, but in order to get the organizational juices flowing, I want to share some pinspiration with you this week.

Here are some of my favorite "back to school" pins.

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