Getting Behind: #PQInShape

The last several weeks have been a bit hectic around my castle. The whole family has had a busy schedule and has been preparing for some huge changes to come- both professional and personal. (I'll announce these changes soon).

I also pulled a muscle in my side a few weeks ago and it took me about a week to get back to normal, so that really put a kink in my plans.

With all this craziness around, it has taken all I have to remember to eat healthy and keep my brain working. I haven't done very well with keeping up with the challenges.

I am spending this week reflecting on my injury, as well as the progress I have made. I will also be assessing the challenges not yet completed. I may change these up a little.

I encourage you to use this week to reflect on your progress and the journey ahead of you.

Previous Challenges:

  1. Take a true assessment of eating, drinking, and fitness habits.
  2. Find a low calorie/ healthy breakfast.
  3. Decide on a workout routine.
  4. Start workout and find the best time to workout.
  5. Update my workout playlist. 
Missed Challenges:
  1. Find low calorie snacks
  2. List the activities I am working towards
This Week:
  1. Find a workout for busy days
  2. Assess progress and future challenges

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