Disappointed: #PQInShape

So, I'm a little behind on things. Last week was spent celebrating the first anniversary of CSPRI Inc - I am so excited about this and there are great things to come for the future of the Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation Inc. I was also busy getting the first episode of Paralina Radio up and promoted. I'm so happy that this dream is finally a reality. To hear it and my southern voice, go here

Last week was a success, but I was sick over the weekend with a stomach bug, so yesterday and today have been spent catching up and doing some relaxing. 

Last week's challenge was to take a true assessment of your eating, drinking, and fitness habits. I did this and I am really disappointed in what I found. I was right in that I don't eat every much. The problem is that I don't eat enough. I'm lucky if I eat more than dinner in a day. I may grab something quick for lunch , which usually consists of a snack cake. I have also found that I do not eat enough quality. I will definitely be working on this. 

I was right in that I don't drink enough water and I drink entirely too much coffee- I will be working on this as well. 

Also, because I work at home from my computer, about the only exercise I get is chasing my 2 year old around. I know now what I need to work on, and I will do better this week. Life changes cannot happen over night. 

I was going to do a pounds lost chain to visualize how far I have come. However, I decided against this. I am going to skip weighing for a little bit- probably a week or two. I think this will be better for my psyche. 

This week's challenge is to find a low calorie/ healthy breakfast. This is definitely something I need to work on. I have never been a breakfast eater. I'm a breakfast drinker- coffee is the only thing I want in the morning. I used to drink a bottle of orange juice or V8 juice every morning- I need to pick up that habit again. 

Do you have a challenge you need a buddy with? Do you have a go to breakfast? I would love to hear about it. 

By the way, here are my before and after so far photos. 

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