What To Do In South Carolina

Hey Ya'll!

I'm not a winter kind of a gal- not at all. I mean, when it is cold, I kind of shut down. I'm not even a fan of snow (shocking, right!) The last two years, I've been lucky. We have gotten no snow at all. There has been snow all around us, but not in our yard. Yay!!! When it snows, I want it pretty, not on the weekend, when I don't have to go anywhere, and I want it gone the next day. I know, I'm kind of hard to please. 

This is South Carolina in the snow:

It was around 60 degrees in my neck of the woods, and I have had a super duper day!

I have been craving summer! Yes, I am a planner and I am already dreaming of the fun things to do in South Carolina. This is going to be a great summer. The little prince is two (he'll be 3 in September) so he will be able to participate in many more things than previous years. This year, we have decided to explore South Carolina, because there are so many things that we have never done. There's no time like the present. 

My first step in planning Spring and Summer fun is DiscoverSouthCarolina.com. There is an interactive events calendar, trip planning tools, and even cultural and historical resources. 

The first part of my planning system includes copying all of the events in my area into my master planner (month view) that way they are at my fingertips. I also do this when family/ friends are visiting. That way I can let them know about traffic and things they may want to do while they are in the area. 

After doing this, my husband and I can determine which events we definitely want to attend, or may want to attend while planning our months out. This helps us stay much more organized. Thank you DiscoverSouthCarolina.com for making our lives more organized! 

Next, I'll share with you how to find unique and historical places in South Carolina. Yes, I am that much of a planner- we are currently planning our summer fun! 


  1. Bethany (Kidding Around SC)February 25, 2013 at 7:20 AM

    Can't wait to see this whole series. Is the graphic about SC snow your own and is it okay to pin and share it?

  2. I think it will be exciting. I will be using your blog as I plan our summer! The snow graphic is not mine- I saw it all over the internet and could not find the source. I would say go ahead and pin it because I've seen it on Pinterest. I wish the photo itself had a credit on it.