Take a True Assessment: #PQInShape

Last week was more productive for my journey (#PQInShape) than I really thought it would be. I didn't finish everything I wanted to, but I did accomplish a lot.

The drinking more water part is still what I am struggling with- but I'm getting there.

I discovered my mantra and it must be the best ever! One Pound At A Time!

While working on my Pinterest Motivation Board, I discovered that 1000 jumping jacks is 1 pound lost. That is pretty amazing. This means that by doing 10 sets of 100, you can lose 1 pound. OR- by doing 143 jumping jacks a day, you can lose a pound a week. I'm going to do that. (I hope I don't black an eye!)

For my reward, I am ordering a camo bikini (I just love girly camo!) I will hang it up so that I look at it. I think this will work better than just saying that I am going to get one when I reach my goal.

I have discovered that I love my curves, I just don't like the rolls that come with them. I don't believe my curves will ever disappear, they will just be smoother.

I am working on my pounds lost visual, and will share soon.

I have defined my goals and motivation. They are displayed for me to look at all day.

My personal goal this week is to drink 8 glasses of water a day and to drink a glass of lemon water every morning. This is probably going to be the hardest part for me- I hate lemon!

This week's challenge is to take a true assessment of your eating, drinking, and fitness habits. You do not have to share this- this is private. If you want to, I would love to hear from you!

I hope you decide to join in. Feel free to instagram and twitter with #PQInShape. I would love to follow along your journey! I would love to see you on pinterest as well!

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