Put Some SHMILY In Your Marriage

In case you guys haven't noticed, I'm kind of a sap. I love romance, flowers, little I love yous, and especially Valentine's Day. My husband isn't a sap, but he loves how excited I get about Valentine's day and entertains me with romance. He may not be a sap, but he knows how to show me that he loves me. We are both always finding new ways to say "I love you" in fun, discreet ways. After all, even though we would shout it from a rooftop, love is private.

When I was introduced to SHMILY Coins, I thought it was adorable. The idea of hiding a wooden token in a lunch box, wallet, or even under a dinner plate or cup of coffee is a simple way of saying "See How Much I Love You!" It wasn't until I read the story behind SHMILY Coins (by the way, you really should read it!) that I was absolutely in love!

When I first received the coins, I wasn't quite sure how I would introduce SHMILY to my husband. I thought long and hard about it and it hit me. I folded the paper up and placed it inside the velvet bag. I then placed it on top of the hubby's xbox controller. This worked perfectly because he would see it and it wouldn't be obvious to everyone. Our little guy wouldn't see it either because he can't see where the controller is kept.

When the hubby picked up his controller that day, the little bag fell off. He picked it up and was very curious. He looked at the coin and had a smile on his face when he read it. Then he read the story. The story amazed him as much as it did me and we now have our own tradition. It has gone beyond the coins now. I write it in ketchup on his plate, sign it to him as he is going to work, and even write it on the bathroom mirror. SHMILY has become a fun little game for the two of us and has really revamped the romance in our lives. We are not publicly affectionate people, so this is a great way to say "I love you" at any time.

When my husband has done something especially sweet or thoughtful and I want to say thank you, I just walk by him and pop a coin in his pocket. This works beautifully because our son is in that stage that mommy and daddy are not allowed to hug or kiss without him being in the middle of it. No attention is brought to us, so we don't have to explain to the prince once again, that mommy and daddy are allowed to hug and kiss- let's face it, having that conversation ruins the mood.

This "game" reminds me of my mom hiding notes or a new pair of earrings in my school lunch. So, I know that as our little man gets older, we will have a SHMILY coin for him as well. There is also one in the mail on the way to my Mother's house (shh, don't tell her!) This coin can be utilized with anyone you have love for. Those we love need to know and be reminded. Growing up, I never left the house without a hug and "I love you" from my mother. This is something that I do with my own family. It doesn't matter if I am mad at my husband, busy as a hurricane, or my son is pitching a fit because he doesn't want me to leave. My family hears "I love you" with a hug and kiss before we are separated, even to go to the corner store. Why not use SHMILY as your own secret code for saying "I love you"?

All SHMILY coins are 100% wooden and made in the USA. No need to worry about add chemicals and poisons in them. They are also an inexpensive tradition. If ordering up to 9, they are $0.99 or $1.29 with the bag. There are even discounts when ordering several. What a great way to start a tradition. Maybe even tuck them into birthday cards and Christmas cards. I'm sure they will give your loved one a smile.

I am enjoying our new tradition and I'm sure you will too. As always, i cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Disclaimer: I received SHMILY Coins in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.