Calendar Dreams

To continue my organization series, I'm sharing frustrations with you today.

I have yet to find the perfect calendar. I utilize several at a time for different reasons, but my problem lies in the planner I use for every day activities. None of them are quite right. I'm so frustrated at this point that I want to just design it myself, yet I feel like there has to be the perfect one out there.

I have tried many different formats over the years and I know what layout works for me. 

The planner that works for me will have a monthly layout, a weekly vertical layout, and plenty of room. 

But, it isn't as black and white as this. 

I need one that does not have specific times listed. 

The areas that I feel need drastic improvement in for planners

There should be a great area for goal tracking, but not one that will take away from the functionality of the weekly layout. For instance, I squeeze in my weekly goal at the top of mine and that is just messy. 

I would like to see somewhere that I can track water intake. 8 little glasses at the bottom of each day would be great. 

I would also like a place to put to dos that just need to be done at some point during the week. 

My biggest frustration with the calendars that I find is that there is no where to store business cards, no where to write useful phone numbers, and no where to make notes. 

The only ones that I have found that look like they might be useful cost entirely too much for me to spend and not KNOW that it will work. 

I'm currently on a mission to solve my planner woes, and I will keep you updates. 

What are your thoughts on planners: frustrations, loves, dreams? 

What planner do you use? Do you love it or hate it? 

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  1. I am like you. I need a lot on a calendar as well. I literally have two calendars that I use. I have one for my blog business and one for personal family stuff.