Reflections & Resolutions

One of the most important aspects of getting organized is seeing what you have accomplished and what you still want to accomplish. Even though some say that it is not healthy to have resolutions, it is essential to my well-being. I have to have things to work towards and to help me see what I have accomplished. This is why year after year, no matter the results of previous years, I continue to have resolutions. The only difference between mine and others is that I do not set resolutions on January first. I give myself the month of January to reflect on what I have done and what I want to accomplish. I will share these with you.

2012 Professional Resolutions
  1. Create a landing page for all of my projects -Still working on this one
  2. Get at least one sponsor -Decided against this, but maybe on this blog
  3. Be self hosted -Done, and it is the best think I could have done. 
  4. Increase my Facebook Fanpage to 100 likes - Done
  5. Schedule posts at least a week in advance -I don't see this ever happening
  6. Have a significant increase in blog traffic -I would say that I've done this
  7. Create a members only section for those who want customized tags and blog kits - Decided against this, I did create a group for blogger support though. 
  8. Start my own happiness project -That is kind of what this blog is. 
  9. Participate in 31 days to a better blog with the SITS Girls -Check Check Check
  10. Join the Clever Girls Network - Applied and Approved
  11. Start posting reviews of gadgets/ websites for my readers -Done
  12. Have an empty inbox at least once a week -I do this every week!
  13. Write at least one featured friday post a month -Did this for a while, but I have moved away from this idea. I have started something different. I will write about that another time. 
  14. Take on 3 new clients -Done
  15. Take more photos and learn new editing techniques -Done
  16. Change NighLon’s newsletter format -Done
  17. Write a re-branding strategy and execute with NighLon -Done
  18. Learn to create apps: mobile, web, and facebook. -Done, and still learning
  19. Create a portfolio -Done, it will all be live soon!
  20. Update my readers once a month on my progress. -I obviously did not do this *frowny face*
I did pretty good on these!

2012 Personal Resolutions:
  1. Have the prince potty trained -Done
  2. Find a job -Made my own
  3. Take a picture every day -Almost every day- it averages out to more than one a day. 
  4. Start my very own happiness project -Done
  5. Craft more and open an etsy store -I have crafted a little more, but I'm not opening a store. I just don't have time for that. 
  6. Post more recipes on Cupcakes & Sweet Tea We are changing up a bit, more on that soon!
  7. Join in on Project Marriage -Going a different direction on this
  8. Create a landing page for all of my projects -Still working on this. 
  9. MOVE into our own home -We decided to build (ourselves! luckily the hubby does construction!)
  10. Start reviewing web services for my readers. -Done
  11. Lose 100 pounds -Not even close, but I've lost a few. I'm going to let that count! 
  12. Exercise 3 days a week, and eventually elevate this to 5 days a week -Does chasing a toddler count?
  13. Post on at least 1 blog every day -For the most part, considering I have 4
  14. Spend more time outside -Done
  15. Start writing my book -Done- the outline and letter to readers is done
  16. Create an organizing system I am satisfied with -Its a work in progress, but it is a step completed. 
  17. Learn to bake a cake -Does boxed cake count? No, but I can make some mean sugar cookies (and peanut butter cookies)
  18. Learn to decorate cookies -With powdered sugar and stencils. 
  19. Grow my hair out -Done, it is pretty long now!
  20. Post more about me as mommy! I love this life! -Done, welcome to The Palmetto Queen
I did really good in 2012, so hopefully 2013 will go as smoothly. 

For 2013, I decided on 13 personal and 13 professional resolutions. 

  1. Read a book every month. I love to read- just haven't made time for it lately
  2. Do yoga again
  3. Run 1 mile
  4. Lose 90 lbs. I will have a whole post about this soon
  5. Go visit Mom in Florida
  6. Craft once a month with the little guy
  7. Return to school (major in communications; minor in religious studies/ sociology)
  8. Continue to help CSPRI Inc grow and have Paralina Radio be one of the most recognized paranormal radio shows in the industry. 
  9. Learn to be my own life coach
  10. Downsize obligations. Stop doing the things that I am not passionate about.
  11. Publish my book
  12. Complete 30 before 30 
  13. Be sparkly!
  1. Finish re-branding and renaming of NighLon
  2. Redesign and reorganize The Palmetto Queen
  3. Create posting schedule for ALL blogs, and stick to it
  4. Significant traffic increase to blogs
  5. Make significant progress in 5 year plan
  6. Return to music industry in some manner
  7. Expand client base
  8. Expand services offered
  9. Create work schedule so I can spend more time with my family
  10. Continue to help Econfina Press grow and reach out to new authors
  11. Create home page to link all of my projects
  12. Get the ball rolling on NighLon's new direction
  13. make sure image/ information correlates across internet. 
I have faith that I can accomplish these goals and there will be posts more specific to many of them!

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