I'm a Horrible Blogger

I know I promised to be back a couple of weeks ago, but it just didn't happen.

Between getting over the flu, catching up on family time, and working hard on some projects, The Palmetto Queen has been severely neglected.

I wanted to apologize for this. Even though this blog is a hobby, I still love writing it and love hearing from my readers.

I will be catching up on some posts over the next several days.- I have some amazing things to share with you along with some organizational posts.

After that, I will be doing some redesign and restructuring of The Palmetto Queen- I promise it will all be for the best!

In the meantime, you can follow me on twitter and instagram (yes, I finally got on the instagram wagon!)
I'm no longer blonde!

The Prince says hi!!!


  1. thats ok, I did the same thing, I needed to deal with some stuff, I hope you're feeling better.