Southern Charm Sunday: Good Southern Manners

It has been pretty chaotic around the castle lately, so I'm catching up on the 25 Days of Christmas, Palmetto Queen style.

Good southern manners are essential to life in South Carolina, especially at Christmastime. Not only are manners essential to every day life and getting through the holidays, they can benefit you in other ways. When you are nice and polite, you are more likely to get your way, and possibly even a better deal. Also, I worked retail for years and there was nothing like someone being polite after a hectic day. I was more likely to give someone a return and tell them about specials they may not know about when they were nice.

Some tips to help get you through the holidays:

  • Always say please and thank you
  • Ask for things, never demand
  • Open doors for others
  • Remember your table manners
  • Don't interrupt
  • When possible, don't be in a hurry
Of course, there are many more aspects of good southern manners, but this should help you get through the holidays. 

Go here to learn more about good southern manners.

As promised, I will have a blog of the day for you as well. Today's blog is A Southern Belle Trying Not To Rust. Leiah is absolutely one of my favorite bloggers. I love reading her posts because she tells a story like no one else can. See for yourself- go check her out. (It would be bad manners not to!)

A Southern Belle Trying Not To Rust

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