It's Here! 25 Days of Christmas with The Palmetto Queen


Last year I did a 25 days of Christmas series on NighLon. It was really great and really fun. This year I have decided to move the series to this blog! Yay for you. 

Every day there will be a different Christmas post as well as the highlight of a blog that I read. I love sharing with you guys all the blogs I read and get inspired by, so consider this my gift to you. 

This series will run until Christmas and then I have another gift for you. I will start on December 26th an organizing series. I am overhauling things now so that you will benefit from them. I'm not even sure how long the series will last- but it will be at least a week! 

Today's blog is (yes, I know shameless advertising!) It is my "work" blog. I haven't been keeping up with it as much as I would like. Because of different projects and sick pups, I have put a hold on new clients until after the new year. I do, however, have a giveaway coming up. I will be giving away a logo package and social media package soon. I finally reached 1000 twitter followers, so this is my gift to my lovely followers. 

You can see the other services I offer and my portfolio at

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some Christmas time good southern manners!

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