25 Days Of Christmas: Recycling the Holidays With Pinterest

There are a couple of mantras I live by that involve DIY-ing. First, never pay someone to do what you can do for yourself. (Flash back to Legally Blonde!) The second is don't throw it away if you can reuse it. This not only saves money, but also cuts down on waste, encourages us to think creatively, and teaches important lessons to our children.

I was on Pinterest looking for craft ideas for me and the little prince. I came across some amazing recycling projects for Christmas. I will share a few with you here, and you can see the whole board here. Have fun recycling and catch The View From Here after the pinspiration.

This is my absolute favorite:

Today's blogger is JBoog's Mom from The View From Here. Her blog is a combination of her love of her son, her rescue work, and dealing with life in general. She has been handed some difficult cards, yet finds a way to get through life and love her son along the way. JBoog is a cutie too! Go visit her and leave her some love, she's really awesome!

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