Why I've Been Missing

I have missed being here, but unfortunately, life happens and it has been a rough couple of weeks. We had some sick puppies and life is just starting to get back to normal.

I posted before about how excited we were about our litter of pups that were born a few months ago. I referred to them as Mr and Mrs because there are sick people in the world and I really didn't want to put their names out there. Unfortunately, there are people who will steal Pit Bull puppies. This particular litter is hybrid - Pit Bull/ Boston Terrier.

Harley and Raven (Mr and Mrs) are the pups that my husband and I picked to keep and raise in our family. We ended up keeping 8 of the pups out of fear of them going to a bad home. They got sick and we lost 5 of them. Raven and Harley are two of the ones we lost. Harley died the Saturday before Thanksgiving and Raven died Thanksgiving morning. It has been a sad stretch, but 3 are almost back to their rambunctious selves. I miss our babies.

We aren't sure what made the babies sick- they tested negative in the Parvo test, but it was a virus that mimics Parvo. The only thing is that it didn't take them down as quickly as Parvo usually does. In researching how to make them better, I learned a lot about these doggie viruses. These viruses can be spread by a fly, bird, or even squirrel going from one yard to the next. The vaccine is not even a guarantee that your dog will not get it. It was horrible watching the babies die.

Sometimes I wish I didn't love animals so much, but I wouldn't change the memories for anything. Everything happens for a reason, but we may not know the reason.

So, that is where I have been. I have several posts over the next week scheduled to make up for my absence.

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