Traditional Values

One thing that has really frustrated me throughout this election and previous ones is the phrase "traditional values" (and "family values"). I promise this is not going to be republican vs democrat or Obama vs Romney. In all actuality, it has nothing to do with political parties or presidential candidates. It has everything to do with humanity. Traditional and family values should not be something that is debated at election time.

These values are the core beliefs that we all teach our children, regardless of socio-economic class, religion, political affiliations, or ethnicity. Te things like equality, work ethic, respect for others, compassion, and humility. These values are the base for our children to grow into amazing adults. These definitely describe traditional and family values more than how political campaigns use them.

There are many other traditional values that I want to teach my son. These are things I feel are important, but aren't necessarily core values. Things like self-reliance, manners, confidence, and self-respect. These are things my husband and I believe will only make him a better, more respectable human being.

What values do your family find important?

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  1. Having grown up in a family and surrounded by extended family that was completely dysfunctional, I really don't feel that I learned much of anything in the way of "traditional" values. I learned nothing about basic manners, was lucky to avoid inheriting the racism, sexism and other dysfunctions.

    With my children, it was very important to me to instill some basic manners, although I'm not sure I did it very well... it is a surprisingly hard habit to learn/remember as an adult. In reality, I guess I tried to instill a sense of self worth in my kids as I grew up with no self esteem and everything was based on my body image (which was also very unhealthy). I tried to counteract that... and I seem to have done a good job at it. I guess I'll have to leave it to my kids to improve the next generation.

  2. I think what you just described is a very important traditional value that I didn't mention. We want our children to have better lives and be better people than we are. We want each generation to improve on the foundation. I think all in all, that is all that we can really do is hope we accomplish that. Thanks for stopping by!