The Answer to My Eye Doctor Phobia

I have worn glasses for close to 15 years and to this day I absolutely hate going to the eye doctor. I would honestly rather go to the dentist than the eye doctor. I don't like air being blown into my eyeball, hate the hassle of going, and I am grossed out by eye things. People touching their eyeballs makes me gag. (I love my eye doctor, just not the whole appointment thing.) 
The last time I went in for eyeglasses was an absolutely horrible experience. I had to see a different doctor because mine went to a different location, yet no one informed me of this. I have it in my records which doctor I prefer, so they should have told me. I prefer him because he tricks me while he does the glaucoma test and doesn't think I'm an idiot when I freak out when its time for eye drops. (I once had 7 people hold me down while my mom held my eye open so my uncle could put eye drops in- can you tell I don't like it?) 

Then, when it was time to choose my glasses, the assistant argued with me about which frames I should get. I have a small face so I am not wearing large glasses. I wanted black frames and she thought I should get rimless. When I am purchasing something, I expect to not be argued with, after all- that is just bad manners. 

I have been considering buying glasses online for a while, but was never sure about it because I prefer to try the eye glasses on. But is changing that for me. 

I am very particular about my eyeglasses and find it amazing that GlassesUSA has a virtual solution for trying glasses on and a beautiful selection of glasses frames. You can even try it out for yourself here. In addition to the virtual mirror, GlassesUSA even offers an in-home try-on experience. Just choose a few frames that you would like to try on, they will be shipped to you, choose which ones you want, and send the others back. You will only be charged for the glasses you choose. 

It doesn't matter if you need prescription glasses, bifocals, prescription sunglasses, non-prescription sunglasses, computer glasses, or just fashion glasses. has something for you!

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