Competition, Family Time, Lessons for Children: Rack Room Shoes Has It All

I always love hearing when companies are stepping out of the expected runway model stereotype and using models that are "real." I'm not just talking about real body types, but also people who actually live in the brand. I was talking with Hannah from Rack Room Shoes this past week and found that they are doing exactly that! As a brander, I see it as a very smart brand move. As a mom and real world woman, I see it as a respectable action.

Although my child is a boy, I still worry about what he will think he should look like as he grows up. Along with this, I worry about his vision of what a woman is supposed to be. I love that if he sees an ad from Rack Room Shoes, I don't have to worry about the image being portrayed. They are stepping up with a unique technique for models in their brand.

At Rack Room Shoes, we feature real customers - rather than professional models - throughout our seasonal marketing campaigns. Every year, we host our Models Wanted contest where families have the chance to win a trip for a photo shoot and receive red carpet treatment, plenty of shoes and quality time together.

Are you interested in entering? Go HERE You can also enter by visiting your local Rack Room Shoes. They are looking in South Carolina as well, so you Palmetto people get on over there and enter. Your family will not only be featured in ads, but on the website, and in-store signs. Wouldn't it be great to go to buy shoes and see your family's faces hanging around? 

This is what you could win:
  • Professional photo shoot with hair stylists and make-up artists to treat you like the "real" models you are
  • A $250 Rack Room Shoes gift card for each model
  • Commemorative book & DVD with behind the scenes photos, so you can share the memories of a fabulous experience

This is the competition's 9th year. The contest ends on December 31, 2012 for models in 2013. 

This isn't just an opportunity to be a model and get a gift card, it is also a great opportunity for family time. You will accomplish something as a family and be unified as a team. The goodies are just an added bonus! There are 6 ad campaigns throughout the year, that is 6 chances for quality family time! 

I hope you guys decide to hop on over and enter your beautiful families- good luck to you all. 

*Feel free to tweet using the hashtag #modelswanted *


  1. We are definitely entering our kids in this! What an awesome concept for the company!!! I definitely agree with you about the concerns of media images.

  2. We are becoming a more media based society as time goes on, so I think what they are doing is great! Good luck, let me know when you guys apply!