90 Day Challenge: Day 11 to 18

I have had a crazy week and haven't done as good remembering to take my drops and I would have liked. I also ended up grabbing things to eat in a hurry instead of taking the time to think about what I was having for lunch. I seem to still be on track with the weight loss though, I think it is because I have managed to drink my 8 glasses of water a day (even 100 oz on some days). The 90 Day Challenge is going great!

Until now, getting water in me was my biggest challenge, but I figured out some tips to make it work!

- Keep your water in front of you- you'll remember to drink it.
- Take baby steps: Don't try to go from drinking no water to drinking 8 glasses.
- Put some lemon or other fruit in your water, it will taste better.
- Start drinking water in the morning, it will be much easier than trying to drink 8 glasses 2 hours before you go to bed.
- Label your water like this pinspiration:

I did mine a little differently, though. I put the first half of mine on one side of my bottle and the second half on the other side. I have a 32 oz bottle, so if I drink 2, I have all 8 cups. I will do another for when I am gone on a road trip or running errands all day. This has made all the difference for my water intake.

My amazing bloggy buddy Kristin has started the 7 Week Quest For Thinner Peace Holiday Challenge. I am so excited to be a part of this challenge. It doesn't officially start until Sunday, but there is already so much support going around in the group, that I know this challenge is going to be amazing! Each week there will be a different challenge to excite us all. If you are interested in joining, hop over to her blog and let her know you want in. Thank you Kristin!

I will continue to bring you tips and updates. Next week I will have tips from the program coordinator.


  1. Definitely checking out the holiday challenge! You're doing so well, it's inspiring! I need to up my water intake by... a LOT (she says, as she sips her really-bad-for-you-but-so-delicious sweet tea). :)

  2. I love sweet tea! You should pop over- its great. There are 3 small challenges every week and the group is really supportive!

  3. I joined the FB group but I'm starting slow... hoping to be able to participate better after today! :)

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  5. Whoo Hoo! Congrats on the results:) That's a great tip for the water consumption. I just try to keep my 52 ounce cup by my side and try to drink 2 or 3 of those each day. I'm loving the supplements that I got! Thanks for posting about this opportunity/challenge in the first place!!!!! I owe you one:)

  6. It's great isn't it? Kristin is Amazing- one of my absolutely favorite people. I didn't do too good this week, but it has been a crazy week. I haven't blogged much either.

  7. I'm glad you could benefit from it. My problem was always not eating enough- which never made sense to me. I was taking in less than 900 calories the last time I dieting but losing nothing, that's why I went with the HCG. I'm starting to fill the difference finally. We each have to find what works for us. Some people need little cups and drink several of them, my brain doesn't work that way. The bigger the better (I only have to drink 3 of these!)