Southern Charm Sunday

One of the most important things we can teach our children is etiquette. Near the top of the etiquette list is being a good guest. When we teach our children to be a good guest, it will travel with them throughout their lives. Eventually, these lessons will translate into habits that will benefit their professional lives as well.

The tips for being a guest that I am sharing with you today are lessons that can be implemented by anyone. Just remember, being a great guest is for children, as well as adults.

  • Always say thank you
  • Remember your manners
  • Do not expect to be waited on, although a great hostess will take care of your needs. 
  • Do not invite yourself (this is a huge huge no no)
  • Enjoy when something is offered, but do not ask for food
  • Do not just "pop-in", call ahead of time
  • If you are a guest, do not allow yourself to be preoccupied with work, email, phone calls, or other distractions not pertaining to the visit
  • If you have children with you, be sure to bring along toys to keep them occupied, and even a snack. 
I have been the victim of horrible guests, and amazing guests. Simple things like those listed above can make a lasting impression on your host. If you remember the golden rule, you will usually be safe!

I remember going to my great-grandparents home and there was always a table full of food. We never asked for any, but never left without eating something. It is not necessary today, but years ago, it was rude if you were offered something and did not take it. Some people would take it as an insult. 

Remember: These are just basic guidelines. There is so much more to being a guest and host. Many things are also ruled by the situation as well. 


  1. People say a lot of bad things about SC, but they can't say we have bad manners!


  2. That's right! I am glad I finally started embracing South Carolina! Thanks for visiting!