Southern Charm Sunday: Every Day Table Setting

I have written so many times about what it was like growing up in my Mother's house. It was like a charm school (unless I was in trouble, then it was like boot camp). I love looking back on the memories with her and the things I was taught and experienced. Not many people my age have the experiences I have had. Some of my favorite memories involve setting the table. 

In my Mother's house, the table was set every night before dinner. We used cloth napkins (unless it was pizza or barbecue night) every night. We had different ways to set the table depending on the day. There was a different way for week nights, Sunday dinner, and when we had company. Today, I will give you some tips on setting the table for every day use, like we did every night of the week. 

1. Think about what you are serving and choose utensils and dinnerware accordingly. 

2. Decide if you want the plates at the seats or elsewhere before dinner is served. If you want them elsewhere (for fixing kid's plates) place the napkin in the center where the plate would go. 

3. If the plates are at the seat, the napkin goes on the left side. 

4. I have the spoon and fork backwards in this picture. I guess I'm more like Emily Post than I thought (she always was confused by the placement of the bread plate). You can use the work FORKS to help you remember the placement. Fork - Plate (O- circle) - forget about the r - Knife -  Spoon. 

5. The knife blade always faces the plate.  

6. Though for every day use, it is not a big deal, each person should have their own butter/ bread knife. This would lay across the bread plate (upper left hand). 

6. Because this is not a formal setting, all of this is not necessarily. However, it does help teach about etiquette. 

These were just some simple tips to get you started. Next week, I will share "Sunday Dinner" place settings. 

News: I am going to start answering etiquette questions on my YouTube channel. If you have a question, you can comment here, on twitter @nighlon, or even on my Facebook page ( 


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