Organizing Your Address Book

This is the time of the year that I spend organizing my address book. Why? Well, there are several reasons.

1. I am strange like that
2. It helps me make sure I cover everyone in the Christmas cards.
3. It helps me prepare for organizing birthday cards for the next year.
4. It gives me a chance to do inventory on everyone's contact information.

This year, I actually need to buy a new address book, so I will not be sharing pictures of my own. My addresses are scattered in the back of my planner, on scrap papers, and jotted in journals. My old one was just too worn out and I never got around to buying a new one.

I like to get my hands on a simple wall calendar with pockets the same time that I decide it is time to organize my address book. I transfer birthdays and make sure that I have their addresses while I organize. It makes getting my birthday cards for the year simpler.

While organizing, be sure to have your list for Christmas cards ready. This will help you make sure you have everyone's addresses as well as make sure you didn't forget to include anyone.

I insist on having an address book that I can add to. This is for a couple of reasons. I don't want to have to buy a new address book when one fills up. I also like to insert business card sleeves for businesses. This helps me keep personal/ business/ organization contacts separate, yet still together.

I hang on to envelopes from cards and such to update my address book with. I keep a file folder at the front of my file box for this purpose. Then, when it is time to update, I pull those out and get to work.

Include birthdays/ anniversaries in your address book. This disposes of the need for a separate birthday book.

Make sure which system you use works. There is no point in doing this if you aren't going to stick with it.

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