Managing My Medusa Hair

This photo was taken about 6 years ago and
my hair is  even curlier and crazier now!
I have very thick, dry, coarse, and curly hair. I have struggled for years to find what works. I have made improvements over the years, but all in all, my poor hair still needs help. Here is my routine (until a couple weeks ago)

Wash hair with shampoo/ conditioner 2-in-1
Condition with super moisturizing conditioner
Comb hair with conditioner in and rinse
Spray leave in conditioner
Blow dry/ flat iron or use curl product
Finish with oil

This is a really annoying and long process, especially since even after all of that, my hair was still in a mess (and not even a hot mess).

I am constantly complaining to anyone who will listen about my hair. Lucky for me, Cleopatra's Choice came to my rescue.

About Cleopatra's 
(from their website)
At Cleopatra's Choice our mission is to scour the planet to find the most rare and unique, highest quality and most effective skin care and beauty products and deliver them quickly to your door. We have been in business since 2005 and have had thousands of satisfied customers since then. Because we pride ourselves in highly effective products and personal customer service most of our customers still come back and order from us again and again. Click here to read what some our past clients have emailed us about our products.

I was asked to select a product from their website to test. Since my hair is my problem area, I looked at their hair care. I discovered Hairganic Hair Serum with Argon Oil.

Argan Oil comes from the seeds of Argan trees, which can only be found in southwestern Morocco. The Argan tree was referred to as the tree of life, probably because it produces this superfood for the body and hair. Otherwise known as liquid gold, this oil is completely natural and lightweight. This hair serum reduces frizz and improves the appearance and health of your hair. 
I will admit that I didn't get my hopes up because I don't find products very often that actually make a difference. 

When my package arrived, I decided to give it a real test. That evening, I washed my hair with out conditioning. The next morning, I washed my hair with the 2-in-one shampoo/ conditioner and very carefully detangled. I then rubbed in the Hairganic Hair Serum. I didn't add any other products. 

My first impression was that it is thick and not as "oily" as I had expected. As my hair dried, I could really tell the difference. My hair was not dried out. 

Because I can't wash my curly hair every day, I had to wait a couple days to do it again. This time, I wished and conditioned before applying the serum. Perfection! I am in love with this product. I no longer need to use leave in conditioner and the other oil on it every day. 

  • The package says to use a dime-size amount. I used a little more than a quarter-size drop. That's okay because my hair is really thick and pretty long. 
  • This product does not replace my curl serum or activator, but can be used with it. I just wanted to test it with out my other products. After using it several times, I have discovered that it makes my curl product work better. 
I will continue to use this product. It may just help me keep my sanity and not chop it all off. (Yes, it is that serious of an issue) 

I should also add that my hair is really damaged. Just this summer I went from black to blonde which consisted of 3 bleachings, 2 peroxides, and 2 platinum blonde dye jobs - that is a lot of chemicals. 

Thank you Cleopatra's Choice for saving my sanity and my hair!

Disclaimer: I received the product in exchange for testing it. All opinions are my own. 
Topganic Hair Serum with Argan Oil from Morocco- FREE SHIPPING

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