Influenster: Naturals VoxBox 2012

As part of the Influenster Network, I get an occasional box of goodies to try out. I never know what I'm getting ahead of time- I just know the theme. I tried out the Mom VoxBox this summer. I recently received the Naturals VoxBox. (Note: not all products are organic.) I love this program because I find products that I wouldn't usually try. I have found at least 2 products that I am in love with out of each box. That is pretty good odds.

I just love opening it up to find all the goodies.

Before I get into my opinions of the products, I want to thank Influenster for having this program. I really enjoy being a part of it!

My take on these amazing products. (Be ware: I pretty much loved them all.)

Dish Drying Mat is really amazing. It allows for more room to dry when you have more dishes than normal or if you have something large to dry. Also, the mat itself dries quickly. I love that it is super cushy so that delicate dinnerware will not clang and bang around. You don't have to hang around all day waiting for it to dry so that you can store it. I love this mat and I see a larger one in my future for specialty pots, pans, and platters. ($4.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond)

Lypsyl is an absolutely amazing lip balm. I always have a stick of some in my pocket. Before I got this, it was always Burts Bees or Naked Bee. Lypsyl has replaced them both. It is really moisturizing, smells great, lasts for hours, and has a cute little bee to adjust the stick with. ($2.99 at

nectresse is a natural alternative to Splenda (that is actually made by Splenda). It is make with Monk Fruit. I don't know much about this fruit, but I'm sure it is healthier than Splenda. I will admit that I am a Splenda girl (when I pay attention to how much sugar I eat) because it is much better than Equal or Sweet-n-low, but still not all that healthy. Its even tastes great! There are several diabetics in mine and my husband's families, so I would love to know if this bakes well or not. ($3.99 for 40 servings)

Shea Moisture Baby This products is designed for babies and to help with Eczema  I don't have eczema  but I do have a toddler. It smells great, lathers up, and is very moisturizing! Most bar soaps dry out my skin, but this doesn't. I am so excited to try it this winter- my skin is always so dry in the winter. I definitely want to try their lotion as well. ($4.99)

EBoost is to boost immunity and energy. I have to say that I'm not a good judge on if it boosts immunity, I just very rarely get sick. I am however in love with anything that gives me more energy. Being a super busy mom of a 2 year old, I can take all the energy I can get. It doesn't work as well as a latte with 4 shots of espresso, but I try my best to stay away from those these days. I am not a fan of orange flavored things (CANNOT stand tang!) I would love to try it in a different flavor. If I find a flavor I like, I will definitely buy this. It travels better than the other energy boosters I use. ($28.00 for 20 servings)

Clean Well I am absolutely obsess with hand sanitizers. I have 2 in my purse, a bag of wipes in my purse, and them sitting all over then house. I can't always wash my hands, so this saves my sanity and my health. I love wipes because they are easier to wipe handles and toddlers hands. I love that this product is alcohol free. I will definitely be buying this product if I find coupons because flu season is on the way and I don't take chances. My little man has only been sick once and I plan on keeping it that way. ($23.99 for 80 packs at

GeoDeo I love how light and fresh this deodorant is. It goes on clear and is not cakey, like some. Yet, it is still a stick so there's no gel goo- which I just don't like. The smell was spectacular. I received the island scent. Like I said, I love this product, but I am not sure it will do the job in our super hot humid South Carolina summers- I will find out though. ($5.99)

My overall opinion of the box is that the products were great for the most part. There's always bound to be something we just aren't that happy with. Some of the products I wish I had received more of to get a true opinion of the product (like the Boost and Nectresse)

Disclaimer: I received the Voxbox as part of the Influenster program. All opinions are my own.

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